Every person wants to meet the holidays healthy and vigorous. How to protect yourself from the penetration into the body of pathogenic viruses that cause the development of colds and flu?

Flu in winter.
The cold season is the most unpleasant in terms of the appearance of foci of the common cold. Pathological agents have become so resistant to unfavorable environmental conditions and antiviral drugs that spread rapidly, and mutate every year in more than 2,000 new strains.
Preventive measures taking into account standard methods help to escape from many varieties of ARVI. Washing hands before meals and after meals, as well as after visiting the toilet, street and public transport, wearing masks and gauze bandages, excluding contact with people in the likely periods of infection – all this will be quite effective ways to prevent the penetration of viruses into the body. However, the best prevention will be the strengthening of protective functions.

Strengthening immunity
Increase immunity is necessary in any period of the year, but with the onset of cold weather, one should treat this situation as carefully as possible. To winter passed under the sign of prosperity, and the New Year holidays are not clouded with a runny nose, fever, coughing and other unpleasant symptoms. The optimal means for increasing the immunity of virus attacks is the use of the Immunekt product. Immunect is available in 2 x forms of release-in the form of effervescent tablets and in the form of a solution for oral administration, intended for children. Advantages of Immunect are its vegetable origin (as part of echinacea) and the possibility of using a sufficiently large contingent of patients for both preventive and curative purposes. Everyone knows the famous phrase that it is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it.

Angina takes her throat
Very often, with the advent of cold weather, the urgency of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx increases appreciably. Angina is an unpleasant phenomenon since it can not only break all plans, on the eve of the New Year and miss the long-awaited holiday, but also go into a serious illness. The disease is characterized by an acute onset with fever, chills, headache, sore throat, worse with swallowing; Pain in the muscles and joints is not uncommon. To cope with inflammation in the throat will help the local application of antiseptic or antibacterial agents that will stop the inflammation, affecting the pathogenic microorganisms. Consequently, an effective remedy must also have an analgesic, soothing effect. All of the above requirements perfectly match the time-tested spray Gervetin based on Benzidamine. Hervetin Spray has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic effects. Applied Gerwetin in the form of a spray for children from 3 to 6 years of 1-4 sprayings every 1.5-3 hours; children from 6 to 12 years of age for 4 sprays; adults 4-8 sprays every 1.5-3 hours.

Complications of respiratory infections
There is nothing good in that, under the New Year, the flu or cold caught up with it, as one can not only lose the opportunity to celebrate due to bad health, but also infect others. But even greater troubles can deliver a variety of severe complications, which for the most part concerns the flu. The danger of this disease lies in the fact that the viruses penetrate into the lower respiratory tract, provoking the emergence of superinfections, that is, bronchitis and pneumonia. When bronchitis with a damp cough with poorly separated sputum, it is recommended the use of drugs that either dilute sputum – mucolytic drugs, or facilitate its separation – expectorants for cough. Both of these properties are combined in one syrup from a cough – Policof – a combined drug. Policof should be taken on 5-10 ml of adults and children 2-3 times a day.

One of the most pronounced symptoms of influenza are severe pain in the body. For most people, muscle flu pains are different from typical discomforts that accompany other diseases – your muscles during the flu will feel so painful and unhealthy that it will hurt not just to actively move, but even to move.

As you have already understood, muscle pain with influenza is the norm, the usual symptom of this viral infection, but what can be done to alleviate the unpleasant condition? In fact, everything is simple enough – take Inforin tablets, pain relievers, can ease muscle pain with the flu and help make your condition more comfortable. Inforin is used for 1 tablet up to 3-4 times a day after meals.

Such simple manipulations will help to celebrate the New Year with full strength, health and cheerful mood!