Very often, young dads and moms are eagerly awaiting when the baby starts to erupt teeth. At the age of one year, the most common cause of anxiety for toddlers is teething and temperature as a consequence. The child’s temperature, we call the pediatrician. His first question: “The teeth are cut?”.

Parents associate this process with a new stage in the growing up of crumbs, but the teething does not bring any joy to the teeth. In most cases, in addition to the pain syndrome, gum and itching, children have other unpleasant symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, fever, cough, and runny nose.

How to help the baby in this difficult period for them, these and other questions will be answered by the family doctor, deputy chief doctor of the City Health Center No. 1 doctor of the highest category Okhunova Khabib Kalandarovna …

Habiba Kalandarovna, teething and temperature – things interconnected?

So, your child’s fever has increased, but you are not sure that the reason is the eruption of teeth. If you are not sure, it is better not to wait at the sea for the weather. Call a doctor immediately. And if the doctor came and stated the child’s teething and temperature, then prepare to suffer a few days.

All children are different, someone first teeth appear only in 8-9 months, someone starts to erupt at 2 months old. Some parents do not even notice the appearance of teeth in a child, because the child tolerates it easily.

What is the reason for the increase in temperature during teething?

During the eruption in the gums, inflammation is noted, local immunity is reduced, and therefore there is a slight increase in temperature. Naturally, the body tries to defend itself, the role of the defender is performed by saliva, which has many functions, including anti-inflammatory and bactericidal. That is why at the time of teething in babies such abundant salivation.

How to deal with the temperature during teething?

Armed with modern advances in medicine and pharmacology – special cooling gels. antipyretic and analgesic. These may be preparations based on paracetamol or based on ibuprofen-Infoline. Note that the action of Inforin lasts longer than paracetamol-based drugs. Infoline provides analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. The mechanism of action of ibuprofen is due to inhibition of the biosynthesis of prostaglandins – mediators of pain and inflammation. The drug lasts up to 8 hours and can be taken up to 3 times a day.

When the temperature when teething is better to knock down?

There are mummies who hold the opinion that the temperature should not be brought down to 38, the body of the child must fight. I fully agree with one caveat: before going to bed, it is better to knock down the temperature, during a night’s sleep the child rests and restores strength, if he wakes up all night, the next day it will only get worse and the temperature will still have to be knocked down with medicines.

At a time when the baby’s teeth are cut, symptoms are hard to bear not only the child, but also his parents. Children’s cries do not refer to the classic “joys of motherhood”, but without them it will not work. But when the baby survives the agonizing days of climbing teeth, he will successfully pass another stage of growing up.

I wish health to you and your children!